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Because Life is Beautiful

Bidding farewell to a loved one is one of the hardest things to do in life. It is an integral part of our journey, just as much as welcoming a newborn into our family. With our photography we aim to preserve these moments, which bring us closer together and celebrate the beauty of a life lived.

Our Services

We offer different ways to photograph and video all aspects around a funeral: From the wake to the committal. We can help you to cover those intimate moments and document this last journey with your loved one.

Live Streaming & Video

At a moment in time when coming together with loved ones is difficult, live streaming will give your family and friends the opportunity to attend services from afar. As an add-on a keepsake video of the live streamed event is available with post-production editing.


The unique way of preserving memories with images is second to none. Reconnecting with the past through photos allows us to feel the love of the people around us and the warmth of the ones who have passed.


We want to capture this momentous time by honoring the beauty of your beloved’s life with respect and compassion. Our photo books and fine art prints help to reconnect with the loss and community support around it. They can be an integral part to able to mourn and honor the deceased.

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About BellaEva Photography

We are a team of professional photographers based in Northampton, Massachusetts, with over five years of full-time experience. “Because Life is Beautiful”, we believe in providing comfort by capturing memories of important life events.

Mourning is a very personal experience, so our goal is to give you the space you need and stay as unintrusive in the background as possible during the proceedings, while capturing the essence of those never-to-be-repeated moments and create everlasting keepsakes for you and your loved ones.

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